FORME is a subsidiary company of Eastwind Mandiri. Celebrating 30 years of craftmanship, we have been Indonesia’s leading interior company engaged in manufacturing, home furnishing, distribution, and export. Catering an all-inclusive experience to each clientele, we provide a comprehensive lifestyle furniture collection to outfit the most exquisite rooms and spaces.

Exquisitely crafted design conceived from the richest materials 

Through integrated capabilities of incorporating panel, metal, leather and solid wood furniture, FORME products’ quality lies in their unique and modern designs. 

With 30.000 square meters of the production floor and 600 strong workforces.

An honor to receive a bespoke award

In 2017, we received the Primaniyarta Award. This award is the highest given by the Indonesian government and was presented by Indonesian President to exporters with exemplary reputations.

This award further demonstrates FORME’s commitment to strive for excellence.


We believe home design should be stylish and distinctive. Our selection of high-end design pieces collection is ideal for living spaces of all sizes and is the perfect blend of casual and cozy. We design and curate the best and timeless interior design, make it accessible and keep you up-to-date on cutting-edge trends in the industry. That way, we can help you tailor your dream space into reality.