The Alessi company was founded by Giovanni Alessi in 1921 at Omegna, a village on Lake Orta in the foothills of the Alps near Novara. Giovanni was a skilled lathe turner, the last of a long line of craftsmen from the nearby Valle Strona valley.       

Today, one of Alessi’s special features is its ability to reconcile typically industrial needs (in terms of operations and products) with a tendency (at intellectual and spiritual level) to consider itself more as a 'research laboratory in the field of the applied arts'. This is what inspires Alessi's tireless   research and experimentation which, over the last few years, has led it to use new materials and new technologies: wood, porcelain and ceramics, glass and crystal, plastics and electronics. Over the years, Alessi has produced objects created by more than two hundred designers.  

2006 saw a significant change at Alessi, with all products reclassified into three distinct brands:

Officina Alessi is an exclusive brand, which includes the company's most refined products, its one­-off  pieces and its limited series. These true benchmarks of international design are the fruits of the innovative research that has always been one of Alessi's distinguishing features. 

The traditional Alessi trademark continues to include the best of industrial mass production in the household sector, combining the company's commitment as regards both production quality and design innovation.

Finally, with A di Alessi  “The Dream Factory” sets out to pursue one of the founding aims of design, offering top quality products to as vast an audience as possible.